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Trademart Brandpage

A brand that has been connecting people for more than 40 years has a lot of experience. Because the retail landscape is constantly evolving, we should not get stuck in old habits. That is why Trademart also evolves. Trademart is moving retail forward. Our baseline explains clearly in 3 words what we stand for.

Trademarts' community promise

Trademart's 3 brand roles

  • We meet the needs of both brands and retailers
  • We connect demand and supply through events and commercial activation
  • We inspire and provide information about the latest trends in products and retail techniques

Our mission is straight forward, connecting retail professionals by creating retail value together. And this we strive to achieve by honouring our major values. Next to those we strive to reinforce proximity between all stakeholders and in this way enhance the importance of human interactions.

Trademart Values

Customer focus

Listening, understanding and acting in all stakeholders' best interests.

Creative expertise

Retail competence and no-nonsense innovative forward thinking in order to face current and future challenges.


Implementing responsibility in the retail value chain by pro-actively taking action and ownership.

Trademart USP

Being Europe's' one and only retail trade & marketplace offering best of both worlds, a large unique location for physical retail experience with a wide range of products combined with a state of the art digital marketplace. Thus having an agile proposition towards the retail market, both demand and offer side.