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Why a visit to Trade Mart Brussels is absolutely worth it

As an experience platform for shoes and leather goods, fashion and accessories, sports, kids and interior, Trade Mart Brussels is the place to be for every retail professional. You come here not only to buy, but also to be inspired and spot trends, to network or for training and educational events.

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Fashion & Lifestyle hub in Brussels

Our unique and easily accessible location at the foot of the Atomium in the north of Brussels is a highly appreciated venue for fashion & lifestyle brands with national and international allure. Whatever your store’s business, you will always find what you’re looking for in the Trade Mart Brussels offer.

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Community & centralisation of brands

Joint efforts are our greatest asset: our exhibitors benefit and learn from each other's expertise and campaigns. And the presence of various brands and sectors makes Trade Mart Brussels an attractive and profitable platform for retailers who want to continue to surprise their customers with a unique and varied offer.

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Other sectors, other opportunities

One of the things that makes Trade Mart Brussels so unique as a purchasing platform is that we house a variety of sectors under one roof. If, for example, you’re a ‘regular customer’ in the Fashion & Accessories department, then you are also certainly welcome to take a look at the In & Outdoor Decoration department or Kids World. Where you will undoubtedly also find brands that fit into your store’s range perfectly.

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Discovering, again and again

After a few visits to Trade Mart Brussels, you will soon settle into a ‘habitual route’ along a number of suppliers. But don’t forget to always keep an eye out for new ideas, new showrooms and new brands. This will enable you to continue to surprise your customers with an original offer.