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Trademart Digital for brands & agents

Digitize your business and boost your sales through the perfect combination of online and offline.

Onboarding of sellers started

Reach more customers and boost your business
Reach more customers and boost your business

Inspire with your best products and attract new customers from all over Europe. By joining forces, we’ll reach more retailers and buyers.

Digitalize your business
Digitalize your business

Manage your entire business directly in our platform. From products and brands to orders – online as well as in the showroom. Integration with your existing systems is also possible.

Support your customers with ease in their sales
Support your customers with ease in their sales

Easily provide your customers with product catalogues, photo sets, spec sheets and other useful files for selling your products in their store.

We have your back!
We have your back!

Our account manager will assist you with advice and assistance to make your Trademart Digital shop a success. Our marketing team continuously attracts new retailers and inspires them every day.

Trademart Digital in detail

Sell & manage products

- Offer products online to retailers
- Offer product variations (sizes, colors, styles)
- Share product information with retailers in 3 languages
- Offer High resultion images and 360° product images (or use our photo service)
- Stock management and sharing stock information
- Indicate which products are available for offline viewing in your showroom (next phase)
- Share your marketing materials with retailers
- Full control over who can see and order which products: you can offer your products to anyone, only after your permission or a combination of both
- Sales also offline thanks to offline orders and generation of labels for your showroom
- Does your new product, brand or need a specific communication boost? Be part of our personalized communication to retailers

Reach & manage customers

- Our marketing team continuously targets new buyers and inspires them with the latest trends
- Every retailer is screened by Trademart before being granted access to the platform.
- Decide who can order what in your personal store: only customers authorised by you or everyone.
- Decide which price information you will disclose to non-customers: retail prices, wholesale prices or no prices.
- Make products available to non-customers as a teaser.
- Film your showroom and let customers discover it digitally

Prices & Promotions

- Full control over who can see which prices: retail prices, wholesale prices or only prices after approval
- Offer discounts on specific products or product groups
- Offer discounts on order minimums
- Offer discounts when using a specific payment method or delivery method
- Divide your customers into groups and give them specific prices per product

Product marketing

- You can easily manage your own brand
- Promote your products on our homepage
- Let your products be part of our curated collections and highlights
- Benefit from the marketing efforts of the entire platform for more reach
- Show digital catalogs and other marketing materials to retailers


- Retailers can place orders at different brands and distributors at once
- Automatic splitting and distribution of orders to correct distributors
- Set your own order minimums
- Receive and manage orders, both online and in the showroom (= omnichannel)
- Automatic calculation of commissions for suppliers and individual sellers


- An easy dashboard for quick access to the right information
- Manage your own Brand pages easily
- Categorise of your products
- Import and synchronize product information via Excel, FTP or API
- Import and synchronize images
- Generate and print barcodes
- Different user profiles for your sales staff, administrator, back office staff etc .


- Overview of all orders and invoices
- Insights in paid commissions
- Insights into your collections, best selling items and most popular categories

Available in 3 languages

The Trademart Digital marketplace (for retailers) is available in Dutch, French and English.
Your personal sales platform is only available in English

Support by Trademart

- Your personal account manager sets up your Trademart Digital shop and helps you on your way.
- We guide you to set up your product catalog and brand page
- We’re always available during office hours via email and telephone.
- No product images available? Make use of our photo studio
- Professional ticketing system for a quick and efficient follow-up
- Extensive knowledge base, for all your questions
- Benefit from our marketing efforts, which continuously attract new retailers
- Want to give your new brand, product, ... or need a communication boost? Be part of our personalized communication to retailers

Our support team has your back!

We support you throughout the entire process:

  • We set up your digital environment and configure your first brands
  • We help you set up your product catalogue
  • Your own account manager, always available during business hours by mail & phone
  • Professional ticketing system for a fast follow-up
  • Extensive knowledge 

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