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Monday opening baby & kids

‎On ‎‎Monday‎‎ ‎‎31 May ‎‎we welcome you to the Monday Opening of our baby &kids department! The moment to discover the very latest novelties and gadgets from ‎‎your favorite baby and children's brands.‎‎ In addition, during this purchasing moment, the‎‎ home &living‎‎department is also open, where various exhibitors introduce you to interior and gift items, among other things. ‎

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‎Free champagne!* 🍾‎

‎Make your appointments with the participating exhibitors within baby & kids ‎‎before 18/5 ‎‎and receive a free bottle of Joseph Perrier Champagne Cuvée Royale Brut per appointment!‎

‎Deelnemende exposanten in baby & kids: ‎‎ Abs Agency - Axes Children - Babylonia - Babymoov - Baby on the Move - Chamo - Coco & Pine - Coficos - Dekado - Dolmans Agency - Galaxxis - Isabelle Beelen - Jep! Agenturen - JJ'S Belgium - Maison Collette - Malin Agency - Manchild - Patrick Nys - Songes & Rigolades - Unicell‎

‎* Offer only valid for appointments with exhibitors who participate in the Let's Bubble promotion within baby & kids and home & living. One (1) bottle per person per appointment.‎

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‎Why do you have to be there?‎

‎There are many reasons why it's best to come and complete your collection now! 👶🧸‎

  • ‎LET'S BUBBLE promotion‎‎: each visitor receives one bottle of free champagne per appointment at one of the exhibitors below.‎
  • ‎Due to Corona, several fairs have been ‎‎cancelled.‎‎ Nevertheless, you can always contact Trademart to supplement your baby and children's collections‎
  • ‎You can contact more than ‎‎250 brands from our baby &kids department‎
  • ‎A ‎‎100% coronaproof‎‎ purchasing experience‎
  • ‎From ‎‎clothes for the little ones‎‎ to cute decoration ‎‎items‎‎ and so much more. Surprise your customers with the latest items in your collection!‎

‎During the ‎‎Monday Opening of baby &kids on May 31st‎‎ there are a lot of products and brands to discover! Can't you wait? Neither do we! That's why we would like to introduce you to some toppers!‎

Wooden Bear Rattle by DEKADO

‎This cute rattle in the shape of a bear has 3 moving rings and is made of durable FSC wood. It's small, so your baby can easily hold it. In short, a simple, durable toy so that your little one is not bored for a moment!‎

‎Discover Dekado‎

Quut by Manchild‎

Young families are only too happy to discover the Belgian Coast! We like to let the designers of Quut speak for themselves: "We regretted that the quality of the beach toys that were on the market often left something to be desired, so it didn't last long and you didn't have an emotional connection with the toys either. So we decided to make our own brand. Our goal was to create toys that would last as long as our memories of the beach, toys with a truly durable and smart design that guarantees years of fun and is also beautiful for both children and parents. This is how Quut came about."

‎Discover Manchild‎

Cloudnest by babymoov

‎The Cloudnest was specially designed for calming your child's abdominal cramps and flatulence, has a forearm with which the legs can be lifted into the fetal position. In the second forearm there is a heat cushion filled with organic flaxseed. When placed on your child's tummy, the light pressure and heat promote better digestion and the abdominal pain is efficiently relieved. Very easy and quick to heat: all you have to do is take it out of the cover and heat it to 40°C in the microwave for a few seconds, the ideal temperature to block the pain sensors. Your baby will feel a lot better. And unwind.‎‎Extra handy: the heat cushion can also perform other functions: heating the CloudNest before putting your baby in here and reducing thrust during breastfeeding.

‎Discover Babymoov‎

DockATot By Maison Collette

‎A warm litter for the smallest sprout? That's Dockatot's mission. These warm nests are designed to provide a safe, cosy and restful environment for babies. DockATot tries to be the best alternative to the uterus.‎

‎DockATot was formerly known as SleepyHead.‎

‎Discover Maison Collette‎

‎Children's Games ‎‎by Hodzic Tarik‎‎

This French brand name means as much as Dreams and Laughter. That is the goal of this brand. A beautiful line of furniture in combination with a collection of toys. Rudimentary forms in combination with childlike playfulness. Be sure to discover this amazing collection of baby items!

‎Discover Hodzic Taric‎

Ettie and H by JeP! Agenturen

‎This collection, available from JeP! Cops are as sweet as it is cute. This beautiful collection of baby clothes has a modern look with a nod to the past. Would you like to know more about JEP? Agent hours products? Make an appointment!‎

‎Discover JeP! Agency hours‎

‎We keep it coronaproof!‎

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